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Flybird game review for iphone/ipod Empty Flybird game review for iphone/ipod

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There are rare moments where excellent games are released into the appstore. Flybird is one of those moments , an excellent game that provides alot of value. As the developer states in his description there are over 15 unlockable achivements and 4 unlockable birds , which I might add have different powers that changes gameplay drastically. From graphics to gameplay to controls , Flybird has nailed each of this facets in incredible fashion. A must buy for any casual or mid-level gamer .

Graphics: 5/5 You can control 5 super cute eye candy birds in flybird. From gunbird to doodle bird the game is eye candy all the way. The backgrounds change from night to day , attention to detail was made in every aspect. Detail down to the funny death animation shows these developers care about thier product.

Music and Sounds: 5/5 Remember how super mario bros had that iconic music theme? Flybird has its own theme that will stay stuck in your head humming along.

Gameplay: 5/5 Simple tap the screen controls are excellent and never misfire. Tons of achivements (15 to be exact) built into the flybird game saves you from having to connect to the internet to view your achivements. 4 unlockable characters with thier own special powers. This game impressed me with tons of content and had me playing over and over. I love when developers add alot of hours of gameplay , makes me feel good about my purchase. I almost felt guilty paying so little for such a quality product.

Overall: 5/5 This is a hidden gem and truely an excellent game that I feel every iphone gamer should have flybird along with angrybirds,tinys,or any of the top ten. I highly reccomend this game to anyone who is tired of dink and donk games , this is a instantbuy. Here is the itunes link
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