Spy Mouse Iphone/ipod game review

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Spy Mouse Iphone/ipod game review Empty Spy Mouse Iphone/ipod game review

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:32 am

To unseat Angry birds you have to have a great game or do you? We will find out in this review if its solid developer skill to develop something unique or just luck.

Graphics: 3/5 Standard iphone cute graphics with nice vectorization. Nothing new that hasn't been done before , but done well.

Music and Sound: 2/5 I cant say anything good or bad about music and sound. Its not bad just nothing special or noteworthy that stands out.

Gameplay: 2/5 Ok you play as the Mouse who avoids the cat and traps to collect the cheese. Plain and simple premise nothing new and inventive. You draw a line onscreen with your finger and your mouse follows the path you place.

Overall: 2/5 Nothing special as far as gameplay but if you like line drawing games flight control is more fun. If your bored of flight control , I guess this would be a worthy replacement until the next line drawing game. Its simple and fun for kids , plus 70 levels gives you alot of playing time. I seriously think EA is rigging all those 5-star reviews but thats another story. For very casual gamers only , here is the itunes link



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