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Post  Admin on Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:50 am

Iphone/Ipod has always had cute , funny casual games. The problem is sometimes gamers looking for more features has to look harder before finding a gamer type game. Thats where games like Genisis of War step in to fill the void. Fully featured game for iphone/ipod gamers.

Graphics: 3/5 No cute stuff here , graphics are hardcore arcade type graphics just needed a little more animations in my opinion. E

Music and Sound effects: 3/5 This is where the game really shines te sound effects. Some voice-overs will stick with you like when you grab a power-up and your player says " Striker, bring the pain" you feel the intensity of the moment!!

Gameplay:2/5 In game gunshop where you buy guns with the skulls you collect from enemies you have killed . You also have an achivements screen with unlockable achivements. You also have options on the achivement screen to reset the game and restart your campain all over again.

Overall:2.5/5 Not reccomended unless you just want a timekiller without a storyline.

Itunes link to download GOW for iphone/ipod


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