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iHalo IPhone/Ipod game review Empty iHalo IPhone/Ipod game review

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:29 am

Your probaly saying to yourself is this game real? Or a lame ripoff. While not as good as the console version , you will see why in this review its worth a try or not.

Graphics: 0/5 Terrible graphics, all of them ripped from the consoles.

Music: 3/5 The music and sounds are top notch. I feel this is where the game shines through , the quaity is almost console like.

Gameplay: 2.7/5 I liked the fact that the developer made the controls very simple but would have liked more option. You move your charactor onscreen tapping at a location for your player to move. You fire your gun but tapping on the player. The controls are perfect for the iphone/ipod but I would have like other options like d-pad. The good part is the controls are spot on perfect , which I rarely see in other games.

Overall 1/5 The bad part is the game needs more animations and d-pad controls for hardcore players. But the controls though simple are very solid and easy to use. Not really worth buying in my opinion!!

Itunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ihalo/id488585907?mt=8


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