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Retrogamebox Iphone/ipod game review Empty Retrogamebox Iphone/ipod game review

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:01 am

Most review sites cover only the latest and hottest games but dont warn you about what games not to buy. After Trinity's interactives Gamebox became successful , many developers sought to copy thier model. Does Retorgamebox stack up to the almighty gamebox or is it a pretender to the throne?

Graphics: 2/5 Its a mixed bag where even if the graphics are ok , they dont match the setting. Why is the donkey kong fighting what looks to be aliens? How does that even make any sense? Why is Pixel Joe climbing colored boxes in a grass field?

Music and sounds:3/5 Except for maybe 2-3 games , the music doesnt fit the game. Imagine playing space invaders with elevator music , then playing tetris with heavy metal. Music is good but doesnt fit the game its playing in.

Gameplay: 0/5 This is wear the game loses its shine and becomes soft brown crap that belongs in the toliet. See that might sound unprofessional but look when a developer decides to release a game under false pretense. There is absolutely NO game in the retrogamebox that reminds you of retrogames. In some games like caver the controls are so bad you cant play the game. I hate when developers falsely give consumers hope and then lie to thier faces. I feel anyone who wants a refund should recieve one if they brought this game. Apple honestly should take this developers license to make games away , as this is terrible. I refuse to even post the link to this game and will ban any member of this website if they post the link to this garbage , utter soft brown crap of a game. DO NOT BUY!! Please warn your friends not to buy this horrible game.

Overall: -5/5 Yeah its negative -5. DONT BUY!!


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