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League of Evil 2 Iphone Review Empty League of Evil 2 Iphone Review

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:39 am

When an epic game like LOE is released , 2D platformer gamers got a dose of 16 bit era of excellent platforming greatness. Now as time has changed and new platformers entered the market , does the LOE brand still have what it takes to reach the top??

Graphics:4/5 The new graphics look certainly is more modern ,but purist would probaly complain about wanting the old style back. The modern art is some levels are breathtaking and smooth which really add to the gameplay.

Music: 4/5 The music is high octane and definity fits in with the new graphics perfectly. Like the graphics , only purists of the original would complain but the music and sounds will definitely get you in the mood. There is no jump sound but thats the only sound missing.

Gameplay: 5/5 The controls are solid , probaly the best out of most iphone games out period. The only mistake is if you dont press the button. The gameplay is just the same as before but a little more difficult than the last outting.

Overall: 4.5/5 Included in the package is 100 levels with 5 awesome themes. Plus you can go for speed-runs and trying to collect the case in every level. Replay value is high and the amount of content is staggering at the 99 cent introductary price. This is a definite must buy for any iphone platform gamer.

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