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Trippy and Me iphone game review Empty Trippy and Me iphone game review

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:27 am

Ever since Temble Run a bunch of games have come out to capitalize on its success but never improves on its formula. Trippy and me comes along and is ready to take on the challenge and top temple run.

Graphics 5/5: This game takes place in a 3D city thats very busy the detail on the cars and buildings are amazing and never get blurred. Your main charactor looks like the coolest baby bird dragon you ever saw.

Music and sounds 4/5: The music is techno infused to make flying through the city super fun and there is sound effect for the coins sounds a little wierd but I guess the developer wanted to change the usual mario coin sound that every developer rips and puts in thier game.

Gameplay 4/5: The controls are just like temple run, except in this game you can actually hover and fly avoiding cheap deaths. The controls are sharp and you wont feel as if you caused your own death. I personally am not a swipe type gamer but its fits this game.

Overall: The only request I have is to add buttons control option, but most gamers prefer the swipe controls so Iam in the minority. That said I cant believe this game isnt on top of the charts in the iphone market right now. I dare say its way better than temple run with more power-ups and features. If you liked temple run, then this is the upgrade and its only 99 cents. I rarely say this but its a must by for the 3D runner genre.



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