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Dolpin Ride iphone game review Empty Dolpin Ride iphone game review

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:38 pm

Iphone/ipod has seen its fair share of casual games , does this game add something new or is it just another iphone game. This year we have already seen Whale Trail take off, is there room for another casual hit game.

Music and Sounds 5/5 : The really cute tunes in this game will stay in your head long after you play. Whether your an adult or child you would love the music and super cute sound effects Dolphin ride has to offer.

Graphics: 3.7/5 : The main charactor and the overall level has some pretty solid graphics . The problem is the enemies are pretty lifeless just sitting there. I would have liked more animated enemies, thats my only gripe.

Gameplay 4/5 : Ok you tap and hold on the screen to swim up and let go to go down. You collect stars , power-up air bubbles, and friends which you have to bring to thier home. You wont get the hang of controlling your dolphin until 3-4 tries, after that controls will feel a little more natural.

Overall 4/5 : The music,sounds, and simple gameplay make this an easy choice to pick up for casual gamers. Little things like enemies needing animations, and getting use to going to the top of the screen to getr air take a little getting used to. Where the game shines is once you mastered how the dolphin swims , then the game becomes really fun. Like I said kids, teenagers, and adults can play this game as the appeal is universal. If anything I would just ask the developer to slow down the decent of the dolphin but besides that I think its an excellent pick-up and go game.



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