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RealFireworks HD 2012  Ipad app review Empty RealFireworks HD 2012 Ipad app review

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:47 am

Mainly I focus on doing Iphone game reviews but now I was impressed so much by an application , I felt it need a review. RealFireworks HD 2012 is an excellent app in which you can make a real life fireworks show right on your Ipad device. Also if you have the Ipad 2 you can make the show , then use the TV-out option to play your show on HD TV.

Interface: 5/5 The menu's and option are very easy to control with simple tap and swipe gestures. I never had a problem using the controls and the app is laid out in a manner where you can easy see all your options.

Graphics: 5/5 The fireworks look very real and the effects are perfect. The fireworks react exactly like they do in real life, down to when they drop and the color slowly fades. You will be very delighted and so will you friends and family.

Sounds: 5/5 The sounds are spot on!! The fireworks sound like real fireworks. I even linked to a video so you can hear the awesome sound effects.

Overall: 5/5 The developer made sure to perfect his fireworks app and honestly this is the best application of its kind on the iphone market. From the interface , to the presentation, the simple controls, and the wonderful HD colors this app is excellent.

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