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Awesome Land Iphone game review Empty Awesome Land Iphone game review

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:15 pm

As many games try to take on the mantel of Mario, some will succeed and some will fail. Awesome land looks to capture the look and feel on iphone/ipod devices of Super Mario.

Graphics:3/5 If you love the 80's style retro art you love the look of this game. If your looking for high res graphics, paper monsters will be more of your style.

Music and Sound: 2.5/5 When you stomp on enemies it sound like a ballon pop. When you die its sort of a broken spring sound. The background music is hard rock witch fits some levels but dont match other levels.

Gameplay: 2/5 Every single level you do the same thing over and over. No variety, no power-ups besides meat to add extra hit point, only the bosses make the game decent. Parking meter is your save point and you will see same 3 ememies over and over.

Overall 2.5/5 There basically nothing new or refreshing. Each level has same enemies (different colors) and music is annoying after a while. There are no game changing power-ups , just meat to add hit points. You dont anything but stomp and level design is same with very little changes thoughout the game. This could have been a classic but falls short with uninspired level design and no real game changing power-ups to enhance gameplay.



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