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Call to Duty iphone game Review Empty Call to Duty iphone game Review

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:34 am

Iphone/ ipod has many great casual games but lacks good hardcore games besides what gameloft , EA , or Capcom makes. Does Call to Duty has what it takes to fill the hardcore gamer itch or is it just another average game. Iam going to be hard in this review , as we need better hardcore games for iphone/ipod.

Music 3/5 : Solid background music heart pounding racing music. I liked the sound-effects but I wanted more variety in them.

Graphics 1/5 : The graphics are crappy rips quality.

Gameplay 2/5 : Ok I like the controls the gun follows your finger and when you tap on the gun you fire. I would have liked more free roaming as it feels a little restricted.

Overall 2.5/5 . Even after all the updates, the game still isnt worth more than 99 cents. Krehol overcharges for every game they make which is ri pale diculous!!


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