Enjoy the moment wiping zombies out. Rolling Fall-A new puzzle game

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Enjoy the moment wiping zombies out. Rolling Fall-A new puzzle game

Post  everson on Sat Jul 23, 2011 3:38 pm

Zombies are scattered around every corner of the city. You must perfectly set traps to wipe them out. Now send the zombies to hell.

Rolling Fall is a puzzle game with 80 levels of 4 scenes. With relaxing music and the shrill cries of zombies, employ your techniques and strategies to unlock the levels to the end.

Iron balls, wooden boxes, and battens are used as traps. Slash the shackles, to loose the traps, thus give the zombies a lethal hit.

Only take into consideration physic characters like gravity and friction can you give the zombies the greatest hit, otherwise, you will miss the target. The greater the hit is, the higher you will score.

Now that the touch zombies haunt only at night, you have limited time and traps, you have to make use of the fewest traps to crush the zombies with the greatest strength at the shortest time, so as to get the highest score.

Challenge your techniques with perfect physic performance.
Unlock levels with various strategies, testing your mind.
You will be exhilarated by the zombies’ droll facial expressions and their shrill cries when crushed.
There is a game center where you can compete against other players to decide the highest score.

Download Rolling Fall



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