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Forest Sniper Hunter 2015 Empty Forest Sniper Hunter 2015

Post  pmail0001 on Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:57 am

Epic hunting FPS 3D simulator adventure is here. Let's play Forest Sniper Hunter 2015. This is special edition for ending of year 2014. Became a hunting stalker. Creep through the wildness woods and hunt specific animals. Carve their skins, sell them and earn money to unlock maps and guns to prolong the journey. Some maps are based in the night, so you can enjoy night vision mode. It's more challenge to hunt in the night. You can hunt different animal wild species such as deers, bears, boars and rabbits. The intensity of forest varies based on map. Sometimes you see only bushes, then you can see forest and even a jungle environment. You play as a hunter predator with a sniper rifle.

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