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Post  marscxx on Fri Dec 27, 2013 3:27 pm

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For war games, you might have seen a lot about WWI, WWII, Middle Age, and this Emperor Legend is based on Chinese Three Kingdoms history period, which featuring thrilling tales of bravery, treachery, wisdom, and tricks. Emperor Legend is originally a massive multiplayer strategy game on PC and has managed to be a successful multiplayer strategy & simulation which has owned amazing million players. And now it is coming to the ndroid and iPhone with all the features.


The game features great graphics of the war prevailing Three Kingdom period, great battle scenes, powerful diplomacy system, unique title level system & Tavern Talk system, and five kinds of units, hundreds of General commanders, and hundreds of maps. Manage the best Arrays to achieve the highest battle capacity your troops, kick massive boss’ ass in allies, take down the cities in crop with our friends, you gonna have some big deal in the world!


It so damn sucks when you always play massive multiplayer games when you met some players who pay money. But you will always smile when you play Emperor Legend without money. Emperor Legend offers super welfare for free player from the starting guidance. Except Daily rewards happens every day you login in the game, online rewards, and activity keeping rewards will let you get plenty of high level equipments and every kind of resources you need, which surprise you will hit you times in a day. And the All these are free!


Emperor Legend for Android and iPhone will be available very very soon, we will keep you updated with our Facebook Page. Please ‘Like’ our Facebook Page, and then when you register with your Facebook ID in Emperor Legend in the very near future, you will be rewarded as 500 EXTRA MGOLD beyond the Novice Package, which is a super gift costs about $10. What’s more, you will get the chance the win the super gift – an iPad Air! Now don’t read and more, just a click, ‘Like’ us! $10 gift and even and iPad Air is waiting for you!

What you need to do:

*Just ‘Like’ https://www.facebook.com/emperorlegendoffical
*Register with your Facebook ID when the game is available soon
*Scan this QR code and follow us to receive upcoming news
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What you will get:

*500 EXTRA MGOLD (Costs about $10)
*The chance to win the super gift – an iPad Air!


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