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Post  Admin on Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:57 am

Looking for a game that has a bit more depth than standard iphone/ipod games . Look no further as Bug Heros might be the game to fill that void.

Graphics: 3D models of the bugs are solid. Nothing spectacular but not disappointing .

Gameplay: This is where Bug Heros shines brightly. You can control at any time your choice of 3 different bugs. Ant , spider, or beetle are your choices. Each charactor has thier own attibutes,positives,and negatives. You defend your food stash from an array of oncomming bugs each with different powers and weakness. Does become dull after a while as you face same enemies over and over again.

Sound: Good background music and sound effects complete the gaming experiance.

Overall 3/5 Not a game for casual gamers but hardcore gamers will enjoy games like this.Too much repetitive gameplay makes this game boring after a while though.

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