Trace Word Game - (by Assia Diana) [iOS - Universal]

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Trace Word Game - (by Assia Diana) [iOS - Universal]

Post  Micegames on Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:59 pm

I'm proud to announce my first creation for the App Store: Trace Word Game.

The most beautiful and uncheatable word game ever made!

Try to find words by combining letters on a board of 20 rows and 4 columns, viewed as a scrolling grid of 4x4.
Challenge your friends in this strategic online word game ever made.
No more cheats are possible since the letters grid change on every word found by removing word letters and let above ones scroll down like a tetris.
No boosts inside, so if you win it's because you deserve it!
Grid change provide more strategic game approach such as:
- place best words first;
- position tiles for best words and bonuses.

Available game dictionaries:
- Italian;
- English.

Designed for iOS 7.


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