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Post  Admin on Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:41 am

Its seems the appstore is flooded with run games. Dino rush is picked because it adds something new to the run genre.

Graphics: Cute and colorful is best way to describe the artstyle. Graphics are vivid and you can tell the attention to detail.

Gameplay: Controls are smooth as there is only one control witch is too tap the screen to jump. There are various power-ups and collectables. Also there are 3 other charactors to unlock after you save up enough in game money to purchase them. However saving up the money is rather easy and fun. The only complaint I have is I noticed lagging when jumping repeatedly high in the sky. Also if you play the game 10-12 times in a row it starts to lag. Other than that the replay value is high becuase of the unlockables and achivements.

Sound: Attention to detail good background music and each power-up has its own unique sound.

Overall score is 4.5/5 a instant buy for casual gamers that are into run games.
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