"iOS " ORCS MUST DIE ---- A creative 3D TD+ARPG game

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"iOS " ORCS MUST DIE ---- A creative 3D TD+ARPG game

Post  iJoy on Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:28 pm


Now we would like to introduce a new 3D game called "Elements Defender" powered by self-developed engine.

[CElements Defender is now AVAILABLE on the app store. GRAB IT!!!
iTunes link:

It is a 3D tower defense+ARPG game. Some says it looks like TORCH LIGHT, some says it looks like ORCS MUST DIE. Neither!! We are a big fan of Torch Light and Orcs must Die. Maybe our game is not as great as those games. BUT we are trying our best to bring more contents, updates and making the game better.

What do you say?

"Elements Defender" coming soon trailer:


★★ Stunning Gameplay and Graphics
-- Gorgeous graphic powered by our SELF-DEVELOPED 3D engine.

-- Terrific visual graphics and special shadow effects.

★★ Tower Defense + RPG Mechanics

-- 5 Chapters to choose from: Sanctuary Hallway, NightStone Town, Academy Hall. Central Plaza and Lost Mine.

-- 16 Upgradeable Magic weapons with 3 kinds of magic: FIRE, ICE AND LIGHT.

-- Activate the towers all over the corners to help defeat the monsters and bosses

-- Pick up coins and Earn free crystals

★★ In-Depth Strategy

-- Use 6 functional POTIONS to help defend the CRYSTAL

-- Set up TRAPS to kill massive monsters.

-- Collect and feed your PETS! They can fight with you!

-- Swap between weapons to defeat different monsters.

-- Unlock the CHALLENGE MODE to see how long you can survive and to earn more coins

-- Get FREE CRYSTALS every 10 minutes to upgrade your items.

If you like Elements Defender, rate us!! Very Happy:D

Thank you for your support!!

Very Happy:D:D


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