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Post  Admin on Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:18 pm

Iphone has seen its share of Super Mario Bros clones, both good and bad. Now comes another in the long line of Super Mario Bros clones. Does Doodle Venture have what it takes to make history or is it just another pretender to the throne? Made with Gamesalad , will it help or hurt gamesalads reputation.

Graphics : 0/5 First off the main hero is just ugly a uneven round head with 4 hairs on top, doesnt even make sense. You only have 2 enemies in the whole game one that looks like a goomba with yellow glasses and the other one green with white glasses. All the graphics look like they been done in a microsoft paint program by an unskilled artist.

Music and sound: 0/5 The music is downright boring and the sound effects dont make sense. There are all these snaps and pops like the sound effects where made by someone squeezing a noise maker and recording the sound.

Gameplay and Controls: 0/5 You press left or right and your player runs to the left or right at random speeds making timing all but impossible. When you press jump the player jumps up but fly's down so fast its hard to make it over gaps. Hit detection is off , sometimes when you stomp enemy head he dies and sometimes you die. The game has no score and the coins collected reset when you reach the next level.

Overall 0/5: This game is not good in any form or fashion. First its has a long loading period in between each level , second each level is only 5-8 screens long meaning a total of 10 minutes playing time. There are no power-ups in the game, nor any bonuses. Do yourself a favor and avoid this title at all costs. This game is so bad I will not provide you a link to the game , so you dont make the mistake of buying it. Its a con job just made to take your money and the first game in history to recieve 0 stars.

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