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Mystery Math Iphone Game Review Empty Mystery Math Iphone Game Review

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 14, 2012 7:34 am

In this day and age children's education has become a top priority in many parents minds as the education system is failing. Parents are constantly looking for ways to educate thier child while making it fun enough so that the child doesn't think learning is a chore. Mystery Math introduces children to the basic concepts of Math adding ,subtraction,multiplying,and dividing but does it in a way that is interactive and fun. With over 70 modes of play and learning you cant go wrong.

Graphics: 5/5 Bold vivid colors are perfect to capture a childs eyes quickly , something that is needed to keep children engaged in learning while having fun. Mystery Math excels in this area with bold beautiful graphics that will capture a childs eye.

Interface: 5/5 An excellent interface makes it very easy for the child to know where to go and what to do next. Using icons that symbolize everyday objects makes it easy for the child and Parent alike to navigate though the game app.

Learning Value: 5/5 With over 70 modes of play ranging from easy beginner Math to slowly more challenging Math , Mystery Math has a mode for every step of development.

Overall: 5/5 Must Buy for any Parent that wants to start thier child in the right direction in learning Math. There are very few game apps that approach learning the way Mystery Math does and for only .99 its a steal at that value.

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