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Limon's Epic Quest IphoneGame Review Empty Limon's Epic Quest IphoneGame Review

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:59 pm

Alot of developers come from the Super Nes and Genesis era where 2D gaming was considered king and 3D games were just a dream. This year the iphone game platform has seen an huge increase of 2D action platformers as oppossed to just 2D casual games. Limons Epic Quest seeks to relive the hack and slash genre on the iphone/ipodtouch gamming platform. Nintendo had Castlevania , will this be a credible iphone version?

Graphics:3.5/5 Being based in an era where there was retro graphics , Limons Epic Quest does a solid enough job but does not dazzle the eyes.

Music and sound: 4.5/5 The theme music is really good and the sound effects are pretty good. You can really tell the Castlevania influnce in the music choice which keeps you pumped wanting more.

Gameplay: 4/5 If you like hack and slash games, this one is for you. Between Hacking and slashing, then using magic on the tougher enemies this game getting deeper in later levels. At first you battle your basic zombie and flying eyeballs, but latter on you take on evil knights and a blue wizard .

Overall: 4.2/5 The main thing that gets in the way of this being a classic is the graphics, its not bad but just not great enough. Also if you play long enough there is a jumping glitch that actually saves you from almost certain death in a few parts. The good part is the constant fast pace action and fun jumping over gaps, hacking and slashing enemies, and using magic when the going gets tough! A must buy for gamers who are looking for an action packed 2D Platformer and are fans of the old castlevania game series. lite full version


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