Beautiful Birds Flying Adventure Iphone Game Review

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Beautiful Birds Flying Adventure Iphone Game Review Empty Beautiful Birds Flying Adventure Iphone Game Review

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:24 am

On the appstore there are many simple casual games. Many of them really good but always lack something whether its graphics,sound effects,music, or replayability. Does Beautiful Birds Flying Adventure fill those casual game needs or is it just another average casual game with no content to offer.

Graphics: 5/5 The graphics are pretty cute looking , the main charactor sort of looks like tiny wings but with bigger angel like wings. There are clouds that fly by in the background to give you a sense of flight. I would have liked more objects scrolling in the background as well but I guess the developer didnt want the screen cluttered with animations.

Music and Sounds: 5/5 The opening music to the game is great because its fun music that lets you know your going to have great time. Funny sound effects like when the game starts your charactor goes woooheee yeah add to the charm of the game.

Gameplay: 5/5 The game is very simple to control , tapping the screen makes your bird fly and not tapping lets the bird desend. As you fly your score automatically increases but if you grab coins you will earn coins that add bonus points to your score.

Overall : 5/5 Simple controls,great music,funny sound effects, and Achivements make this game just super fun. The Achivements add alot of replay value as you feel like you got to get them all. The pace of the game is very good , its starts off slow then speeds up after 50,000 and 100,000 points. This game is just fun and nails all the elements to make a great casual game exp. Its only 99 cents and will keep you entertained for weeks.



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