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Tiny Wings 2.0 Iphone game review Empty Tiny Wings 2.0 Iphone game review

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:36 pm

Well all remember last year when tiny wings took the top spot on the iphone game charts. Although it didnt last, it showed the world that any game with heart and super polish could take the king off his throne. Now over a year later Tiny Wings finally gets its 1st update, is this Tiny Wings 2.0 update worth the wait or is it just a blip on the appstore radar.

Graphics 5/5: Finally Tiny Wings has recieved the long awaited retina display!! There is also another version for the ipad display sold separately. The new birds in the game are exceptionally detailed as well.

Music and sound 5/5: The Tiny Wings theme music is a classic , so Andreas made a smart move by keeping it. In the new mode you have additional little sound effects that keep the happy feel of the game in tact.

Gameplay 5/5: The new racing mode add's an extra element of fun while keeping the same formula thats keep Tiny Wing's popular.

Overall 5/5: The new update add's a challenge mode where you pick one of 4 birds then you race then to the finish line. This new mode is fantastic and is long overdue. While this update was solid there are features I would like to have been added. I mainly would like a way to level-up the tiny wings bird so you can dive and move faster. Besides that the update was solid and Iam glad it was an update not a whole new game. If you havent brought the game by now ,Tiny Wings 2.0 is the perfect casual game to insta-buy!!

ITUNES LINK: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tiny-wings/id417817520?mt=8

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