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Dead Trigger Iphone game review Empty Dead Trigger Iphone game review

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:39 am

People clamor to IOS looking for that $60 console game exp. Many iphone developer teams have come close but are lacking a touch that only console developer teams have. Will dead trigger fill that void, or just be another game in the IOS heap.

Graphics 5/5: On par with some of the best console games, the graphics are simply amazing. From textures to draw distance MadFinger has nailed down graphics that would put larger companies like gameloft to shame.

Music and sounds4.0/5: Dead Trigger nails down music and sound effects that match the dark moody atmostphere of the game.Players will be drawn into a zombie-filled world and wont escape until they put thier IOS device down.

Gameplay 4.0/5: Simple controls that wont get in the way of the action is rare. Dead Trigger nails this and promises more control options in the future. While Dead trigger might exp a little slowdown on some ipad device, its not a major problem. The game is broken up into little mission's you have to complete in order to advance to the next stage.

Overall 4/5 : On the plus side anyone can play from the hardcore to the casual gamer. Yes there is IAP but they are fully optional and you dont need them to advance in the game. The only problem this game has which this game lacks is a storyline to really draw you in. In console games you have a deep storyline that draws and sucks you in, but Dead Trigger has a storyline about surviors that are hold up in a warehouse which makes it console quality like. For the price of 99 cents I highly reccomend it , its a fun zombie shooter game with some of the best graphic's an IOS device can handle.

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