Baby Nursery - new iOS game

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Baby Nursery - new iOS game

Post  BabyNursery on Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:25 am

Hey guys!

We've just released Baby Nursery, a fun and casual game, with an intuitive interface and an easy learning approach. In each new level the difficulty increases, requiring more coordination and a more logical and agile reasoning from the player.

In Baby Nursery you play the role of a Nanny, running a child care center. The goal is to keep the babies happy and satisfied, the happier they are, the more money you make.

The money allows you to buy valuable items to help you take better care of those little angels, increase their happiness and make your daily shores easier. Combine the items do discover new ways of making the babies happy!

Only $0.99 or € 0,79 on the App Store. Give it a try and rate it please.
I'm not able to post the link, being a new member, although the rules for this thread advise me to do so. You can easily find the game on the App Store.



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